Our forums are full of friendly people with the same interests as you! Games and technology.

Our dedicated forum members are here to help you with questions and play games, feel free to sign up, introduce your self and meet some awesome new people. This is also a great place to get feedback and give your thoughts on our services!


We believe that people deserve to know what they are playing on. We have given out full knowledge of our servers And have also given people the ability to check stats on the servers such as load averages, ram and hard drive space

We make sure that our servers aren't over loaded. With this information so can you!


DediHost is a website founded on the idea of providing great game servers and a great community. We started off by running our own game servers and found that they were so popular. We are now selling space on our dedicated servers so you can run your own!

All our servers are free to play on, We will never charge for you to be able to gain access, All our content is freely open source unless licence restrictions restrict it. We host all our servers on OVH Dedicated Servers in France running Xeon Processors and 32GB Of Ram. We don't lie about our providers nor do we lie about our specs.